The best-selling cosmetic products come in this presentation!

Thanks to makeup and skincare influencers and Youtubers, many people have realized that they need certain products for their faces. There are even those who make an appointment with their trusted Dermatologist.

Mexico is the second Latin American market in the beauty sector (cosmetics and perfumery) behind Brazil and the third world producer after the United States and Brazil.

The cosmetic industry has been overexploited for several years now, as consumers are becoming increasingly demanding with ingredients, textures, colors, smells, presentation, packaging, even packaging!

According to ICEX Spain Export and Investments, “in southern Mexico, products to protect yourself from the sun, sweat and body odor are the most consumed. In the north, they demand products to take care of the physical aspect, while in the center the two trends merge and the demand for products with healing properties is added ”.

So those products packaged in jars with a lid are the most used, whether they are facial creams, exfoliants, body creams, lip moisturizers, rejuvenating creams, hydrating facial gel, eye contour, ointments, among others.

How and where to get cosmetic jars?

In Villarreal Buenfil y Cía. We are renowned for our high quality in lidded jars for storing cosmetic and healing products.

Come to our advisers so that together they find the ideal option to complement your packaging and thus achieve the functionality you are looking for.

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