What do the numbers below mean on plastic containers?

You have to know that the containers and all the plastic wrappers have an enumeration that goes from 1 to 7 for recycling. That number has a manufacturing meaning and will tell you if the plastic can be recycled or not.

The Möbius triangle (universal symbol of recycling) symbolizes and identifies the material with which the packaging is made, as well as the possibility of being recycled for new products. 


Classification of the 7 identification codes of plastics.

Number 1: PET or PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

It is the most commercialized since it has characteristics that make it light, it has a low manufacturing cost, as well as its great recycling possibilities. 

At VBC you will find PET plastic containers in our Boston and Oval..

Number 2: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

It is plastic resistant to chemicals, not very flexible, but easy to manufacture and handle. 

At VBC we offer the following HDPE products: flat plastic bottles (for automotive oils / products), Bell Bottle (for spray liquids) Gravity Flow Container (for detergents and liquid soaps), among others.

Number 3: V OR PVC (Vinyl or Polyvinyl Chloride)

The number 3 corresponds to the materials that stand out for their low recycling and for having less use in food packaging, since they release various toxins. 

However, due to its high resistance to acids, as well as its hardness, it is used above all for tubes and pipes, medical equipment, shoe soles, etc.

Number 4: LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)

From the polyethylene family, it is a very flexible and transparent plastic, frequently used in the manufacture of bags of all kinds, laboratory containers or plastic caps for drop dosage.

Number 5: PP (Polypropylene)

It is a perfect material for microwaveable containers as it stands out for its hardness, vapor barrier and heat resistance, an alternative to Styrofoam. 

At VBC you will find polypropylene caps of various sizes, colors and functions here.   

Number 6: PS (Polystyrene)

This is another of the materials that is not recommended for food use. However, due to its low cost and its rigidity, it is used for the manufacture of cutlery, CD cases, among other products.

At VBC you will find the highest quality polystyrene cream jars .

Number 7: Others

This number indicates that the container is a mixture of various plastics. In this category you will find bottles for squeezing condiments, dishes for microwave use, some toys, etc. These plastics are not recycled because it is not known with certainty what type of resins they contain.

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