Different options of packaging components for the same product

Every year the market becomes more competitive. That is why we need to innovate in our product, either with a new presentation, improved formula, and even introduce new brands.

That is why in the supermarket aisle, we can find the body cream in many presentations, and that is why in this blog, we will talk about a distinctive that you can take advantage of to captivate new customers: tapas options.

These packaging components may well be used for a body cream:

These packaging components may well be used for general cleaning and hygiene products:

The lidded jars can well be used for cosmetic products such as face creams, masks, and scrubs:

These packaging components may well be used for hair treatments:

These are some of the thousands of products that can use these packaging component options. However, it is necessary to know how you would like your product to be dosed to choose the one that best meets your needs.

In Villarreal Buenfil y Cía. We offer a wide variety of measurements, designs, and models of packaging components to give you the best option at the best price.

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