3 types of packaging for your cosmetics business.

Trends in skincare and makeup will continue to be talked about. Although the use of cosmetics has been around for millennia, sales have exploded thanks to social networks. It is important to bear in mind that one of the characteristics that the customer favors when buying is the packaging.

In addition to offering a functional product with the promises to improve and beautify, packaging and branding must be differentiators from the competition. packaging and branding deben ser diferenciadores ante la competencia.

Only the facial moisturizer can be found in various presentations such as: jars with a cap., bottle with lotion pump, among others.

So that you have an attractive catalog, we suggest the following packaging for your beauty products:

Cream Jars


Whether to store 1, 2 or even 4 ounces, the cream jar is a practical presentation where the end customer decides how much product he wants to use, if it is exceeded it is very easy to return a little of the surplus. Perfect for: creams, scrubs, lip balm, ointments, masks, etc.

Boston Bottle:


This container is very practical for liquid products such as: facial toner, makeup fixer, bronzer, sunscreen, rose water, liquid gel soap, etc. And for solid products such as: creams, hair treatments, shampoos, etc.

Sprayer Fine Mist:


This packaging supplement is very common for fragrances, lotions, fixatives, hair oils, facial moisturizers, body mist, hair spray, etc.

Do you know which is the ideal one to store your cosmetic product? 

In Villarreal Buenfil y Cía. we offer manufacturing of the highest quality plastic jars with a cap., spray cans and plastic containers that are perfect for storing and dispensing your makeup and skincare products. 

Visit our product catalog here, we will be happy to offer you a quote and thus ensure that your product has perfect functionality.

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